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no, you CAN"T reliably hit running deer

unless they are running nearly straight at you or straight away from you or the range is VERY close (if across your front) like 20 yds or less. The reason that you can't do so (ie, more than 50% of the time, which is "reliable", but not even close to humane) is you can't tell how fast the deer is moving, even if you DID have the time to do some calculating of lead.

All you are doing is winging a shot out there and HOPING, cause you did so a couple of times in the past (and don't mention all the misses). I've hit 6 small birds in the air with a .22, one of them with a handgun, but I don't claim that I'd be able to do so more than about 1x in 100 (carefully choosing the straight at or straightaway shots). :-)

Another issue is that the deer is bounding up and down (or certainly is on some terrain and for some gaits, and you have no control over that). The average deer is 100 lbs, and his vital zone is an 8" circle. Say you "only" shoot at big ones that are running, maybe a 10" circle. He's moving a LOT more than 5" up and down and no, you can't allow for it, cause it's happening again and again, several times per second. No, you don't restrict yourself to level ground only shots, if you're bser enough to claim you can do this. You take these wild-arsed shots, cause you dont GAS if you only gut hit him, break a leg, shoot off his lower jaw, etc.

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A deer can hit 50 fps. If he's at 100 yds, moving across your front, how much lead is that, nd what does it look like at that distance, hmm? What about at 50 yds, or 150 yds? Let's say that you've got a 3000 fps 270 load. 130 gr sp. say he's bounding 10 ft strides. still 5 strides, up and down per second. At 50 yds, bullet flight time is negligible. "just" .05 second, but he travels 2.5 ft in that second. So you have to lead his brisket by almost 2 ft. Naturally, you need a bit more than 2x that much at 100 yds, a bit more than 3x that much at 150 yds. If you're gauging the distance that well, you aint looking at your sights or your crosshair. :-) If he's moving at a 45 degree angle to you, half as much lead, 30 or 60 degrees, 1/4 as much lead. You can gauge that angle as he runs? Sure you can. :-) and that animal can CHANGE that angle of flight or dodge a foot or more with every stride, (avoiding obstacles) too! Plus, you can't tell how fast he's running. Maybe he's already wounded (by somebody else) sick or hurting, or it's steep angles, mud or snow slippery, etc. So his speed is really only 40 fps. Oops, missed in front or gut shot him!

What if he's running up or down hill across your front? Now you have to move in 2 planes with your swing. It's bs, guys, and should never be attempted unless you KNOW that you've already hit him and you're trying to stop a fleeing cripple. Even then, without an auto's several tries per second, you probably can't arrange it, even on open terrain.

this is a helluva pc of writing and I knocked it out in less than 10 minutes. :-) Both these posts in less than 20 minutes, including fixing all the lack of capitals, cause of my effed up pinkie fingers

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