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walter Kaus, Alton Ill Gunsmith, for many years

did almost nothign but repairs, a lot of it for gun and pawn shops. He'd made his own reloading dies and bullet molds for a lot of calibers, to save money and so he could testfire guns after he'd repaired them.

Walter had a pipe going out of the wall of his basement, into the dirt. He'd stick a gun muzzle into the pipe, wrap a rag around it to muffle the blast and fire. He always told his wife he was gonna shoot, so she would not be startled.

One day, testfiring a pos derringer, which had rotating barrels to allow the 2 shots, put a round between Walter's fingers, back up into his hand, during the testfiring sequence. He explained to me how it happened, but I don't recall the details. something about the offside hand having to rotate the barrels and the hammer had to be cocked in order to rotate them. He kept on working his regular job AND the gunsmithing, with his hand in a cast and his arm in a sling. :-)
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  Arms Locker > Arms Locker > Gunsmithing

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