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The technician came out to our house on Saturday and we ran 200 or so rounds thru his new gun, to sight in the red dot and wring it out for reliability-testing purposes. I recommended the Vortex Sparc (old original model) over the TRS-32, and that's the one he settled on.

Showed him how to disassemble the bcg, lubed it up good and headed out to the targets. We got it sighted in at 25 yards, and the gun ran ~200 rounds thru Pmags and Lancer mags without a hitch. Function was flawless and ejection was near perfect at right about 3:00 or so, even in the cold weather. Afterward, watched as he stripped & cleaned the bcg himself. With that small amount of shooting, that's all the cleaning we did afterward.

His wife & toddler came with him and while he and I were out shooting, my wife made homemade lasagna and garlic rolls and visited with his wife & played with their little boy; then we had a good homemade dinner before they went home, at which point my wife pulled out a second lasagna she'd made & sent it home with them. All in all a good weekend.
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Old 01-17-2021, 10:51 PM   #62
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Fixed the loading gate on my oldest uberti 1873 revolver today. A screw had backed out some and had to be tightened back so the loading gate would tension properly. Not a real big deal but it’s an internal screw that can’t even be seen, much less accessed or corrected, without disassembling the gun further than normal. Around six years since getting it and this is the first time any repairs or adjustments have been needed; a very fun gun. Hopefully the tensioning screw will stay put now, with the added loctite.

Also gave a couple bulk packs of 22lr each to a couple employees who were short.
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