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44-40 lever's taken everything in the US

and so has the Ky rifle and no, I dont mean with brain hits, either Neither one has any more power than the shorty AR in 223, and the scoped AR has the abilty to brain big animals at 3x the range that either of those obsolete old clunkers could manage. Obviously, then, the shorty 223 is very much big game capable, if YOU are capable. Nobody wants to admit that THEY are the weak link in the equation. Gotta blame the rifle/cartridge. as being in-adequate". As Jim Carmichael once wrote. "I'm asked all the time to recommend a 'general purpose' rifle and cartridge, which can 'do it all' in N. America". His reply was 'where are the general purpose RIFLEMEN?" That's when he bet 100k (in today's money) and his million dollar farm (in today's money) that he could take any N American game animal with a .22 hornet, and no more than 2 shots. under conditions of fair chase no less (ie, in season, no baiting, no jack-lighting at night, no taking of juveniles or females, no trespassing, no cheating by hunting on wildlife preserves. If I needed to "make do" with a shorty 223 on big game, I'd use all of those "cheats" as well as nvd goggles and a passive IR scanner.snares, etc. So it just comes down to how badly you want/need to take the animal, eh? Guns and active hunting are not the only way to get the job done. That's called: "having nothing but a hammer, so everything looks like a nall"
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and frankly, you old fools are VERY arrogant to just assume that nobody but you reads these posts. PLENTY here have not read my info before and **** you and your desire to get new material out of me.
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So a levergun has a documented history of being capable of doing anything necessary, and yet you call them lame.

And I know that other people read your posts. I've told you before that that's often a part of why I respond; to correct silly and dangerous claims that could get people hurt if they believed you.
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