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once I discovered the sleeve, underchamber ideas

it became very easy to make a very compact, lw can. Back in 1985, in CA, I made a 5 oz .45 can that really helped with the blast and the gun still cycled normally. The under-chamber can be made of (or ground down to). 030" aluminum. So can the outer "sleeve-tube". So can the inner tube, IF the welded-in, 1/4' thick washer (which fills the area between the two tubes as the front) is there to accept the slot for the internal snap-ring.

The .45 can had to have 3/8" ID wipes in it to be quiet and was 5" long, but the .45 bullet has so much momentum that no detectable amount of accuracy was lost. However, that sawed-off little 1911 (detonics length) with the can blocking the sights, wasn't exactly delivering the 4 MOA groups that can be had with a match .45, either. It most certainly did deliever 3" groups at 10m, tho. Paint the back of the can white, blacken the sights and shoot with one eye open. One eye aligns the sights, the other sees the target and the brain superimposes the two images. It works fine!

The can for the M21 Beretta is just 3.5" long, 1. 125" OD. The inside tube is just 3/4" OD. Only the first 2 baffles need to be copper tubing, and half of the baffles have a 3/8" iD hole in them. Those baffles are 3/4" long. The baffles with the 1/4" ID holes are just 3/8" thick. The wipes, which weren't really wipes, cause i burned the holes in them to full 1/4" ID, are made of inner tube rubber. They still serve the purpose of stopping the gases that are trying to work their way thru the compressed screenwire baffles.
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How did that work for you after you ended up in jail?
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Originally Posted by Garand View Post
How did that work for you after you ended up in jail?
now, look, twit, anyone can see that the legal aspects of it have nothing to do with the performance of the can' and its design. So how about you stuff it where your head is. The more you post, the dumber you look and you looked retarded already 20 years ago. It's not my fault you live in that asshat country where everyone is as restricted as in any commie nation.

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