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They banned 1,500 models and "variants" in one declaration, then within the next 2 months sneaked another 280 models of firearms on to the list. Actually I just loaded my first 50 rds of .30 Carbine yesterday. Going to try it out when my wife and I go out shooting on Thursday.
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Originally Posted by boati View Post
**** you, punk. If you want to be deafened and flinch a lot, go right ahead. I bet you've never even ONCE fired a 223 carbine in a small room or tight corridor. no, the 22 unit, with the big, heavy flashhider, does NOT handle differently than the silenced 223. That's the point, stupid. Men with 100x your knoweledge experience agree that the .22 unit training IS transferable to 223 skill, even without the suppressor on the 223. men like Jerry Miculek, Jame Yeager and Reid Hendrichs.

Thereís a lot to unpack here, including stuff that has zero to do with each other. Training with a .22 conversion in an AR is not a bad thing to do. If youíre doing it to save costs. Training with the ammo and configuration youíre going to use is almost always the best option. This is universally accepted by the men you mentioned as well as by every trainer out there. Clearing malfunctions, etc is slightly different with the conversion unit. Under stress, having to sort out the correct manual of arms could cost you bigly.

If youíre using a .22 to avoid flinching, you have bigger problems to work on.

Yes, Iíve shot a variety of weapons indoors. Have you ever trained in a shoot house? Or a bus?

An AR is a better choice than a pistol for a lot of reasons, including less over penetration than a 9mm. (Box o truth is a great site to check out for this kind of info). If the mere sight of a pistol makes people run away, then a rifle should be even more intimidating.

I agree on using a suppressor, and a light - providing you know how to properly use a weapon light.

We fight like we train. We must train the way we want to fight.

Taking short cuts to mask problems, like flinching, is a very bad idea.
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Originally Posted by boati View Post
... no, the 22 unit, with the big, heavy flashhider, does NOT handle differently than the silenced 223. That's the point, stupid. Men with 100x your knoweledge experience agree ... like Jerry Miculek, Jame Yeager and Reid Hendrichs.
Interesting you bring up these guys. I subscribe to all three of those channels.

In another example of you claiming people are smart because they allegedly agree with you, James Yeager recommends an 18" barrel, with a substantial muzzle brake on the end, making the OAL more than 20".

And the gun Miculek uses for demonstrating defensive use of a longarm is also an 18", again with a brake on it.

And Henrichs recommends a full size 20" rifle with a fixed buttstock; not any kind of shorty. Not even a typical 16" or 18" gun, much less a 10.5"; but a full-size 20" rifle with a full-size fixed buttstock.

None of them recommend the short-barrel gun. So they DISagree with you. So do you change your beliefs to match theirs (since you say they're so knowledgeable), or do you continue to disagree and have to take them off the pedestal a little bit..?

And fwiw, it's knowledge, not knoweledge. And it's James, not Jame. And it's Henrichs, not Hendrichs.

And the AR with the flash hider - even the long 5.5" one you espouse - absolutely DOES handle very differently than with a suppressor, including your self-described (and non-existent) 3/4 lb suppressor. My commercially-available suppressor is smaller & lighter than the screen-wire and rubber-spacer one you describe, and even with it there is a difference. "Your" 12-ounce suppressor is not only right at twice as heavy as the flash hider, it's also longer; so the increased weight is working with increased leverage & momentum every time you move the gun. It's not a deal-killer, and I know this because unlike you I do actually use a suppressor, but I also use a ciener kit as well as rimfire AR's, and there is a substantial difference between handling with and without the suppressor in place. And that's just the weight we're talking about. You continue to ignore the absence of back blast with the .22 unit. With a suppressed .223, the back blast is much greater, and firing it is VERY different than firing the rimfire version or conversion kit.

Again, if you actually were familiar with the things you preach about instead of just daydreaming about them, you'd be aware of these things. I have no doubt you used to do the things you talk about, but that was 30-40 years ago. And if you haven't done it for decades, you simply cannot claim familiarity anymore. Familiarity is 'close acquaintance or intimacy', and decades of abstinence kills that possibility. I used to be involved in two different martial arts, but that was in the 1980's; and for me to try to pontificate on martial arts forums would be stupid, because decades of non-participation means I'm absolutely not qualified.

And lastly, if you'd discuss these things politely instead of lacing things with insults & profanity, your errors & ignorance wouldn't be constantly corrected in public. Discussions would be welcome, but pontifications from non-participants is stupid. It's like listening to a nun trying to forecast the next move in an orgy; no good for anyone.

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