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boati 04-10-2020 11:12 AM

John ark knows guns SO well, he 'thinks a Sig P938
is a double stake, DA belt gun. :-) really on the ball john, hang in there. Maybe you'll learn something if you keep reading my posts. It's unlikely, since you never have, but there's always hope.

BigBassMan 04-10-2020 03:19 PM

Only thing a person gets reading your krap is a good laugh.

Terry G 04-10-2020 04:34 PM

[QUOTE=boati;297463]is a double stake, DA belt gun. :-) really on the ball john, hang in there. Maybe you'll learn something if you keep reading my posts. It's unlikely, since you never have, but there's always hope.[/QUOTE]What's a double stake?

John in AR 04-10-2020 08:42 PM

[QUOTE=boati;297463]John ark knows guns SO well, [b]he 'thinks a Sig P938 is a double stake, DA belt gun.[/b] :-) really on the ball john, hang in there. Maybe you'll learn something if you keep reading my posts. It's unlikely, since you never have, but there's always hope.[/QUOTE]
I think no such thing and Iíve never said any such thing. As I said in the relevant thread, I mis-read ĎP938í as ĎP38í. And when I asked you about it I specifically talked about the P38 by name, so it was obvious what had happened. I made a mistake, I asked you to clarify, and when you did, I specifically said that I mis-read it, acknowledged my mistake and even thanked you for the clarification. I was civil through the exchange as well.

Now that you have again insisted on returning to Ďangry retarded kid at the back of the busí mode, here we go. Iím going to assume that by double-stake you mean double stack. Thing is, I never said either one. I repeatedly said single-stack. I did mention double-action, because thatís what the P38 is.

I donít claim to understand what itís like to be stuck in a life of welfare dependency and self-admitted drug dependency. Iím sure it must be frustrating and ego-bruising. I feel bad for your situation and truly hope that someday you make the decision to pull yourself out of the pit youíve spent nearly 40 years digging; because youíll never get out of it until deciding inside yourself to make it happen.

See, those of us that actually do own guns, shoot guns, and carry guns donít have to go around posturing like an impotent puffer fish. Want to hear something funny? Our office was closed for the Good Friday holiday today, so I stayed home and worked around our property. Mowing, weedeating, things like that. One time when I walked around a corner of a building, I surprised a small dog, probably 35-45 lbs or so and it growled for just a second; due to being startled, not due to any aggressive intent on its part. It was friendly, it was clean, it was wearing a collar, and wIthin ten seconds, that dog was wanting me to pet it and play with it, which I did a little bit. I would have been legally justified in shooting it, since it was on my property, even without factoring in its half-second fear-induced mini growl. I was carrying a gun, because Iím always carrying a gun unless Iím in bed or in the shower, and I could have killed it with no problem had I needed to or even just wanted to. But I didnít need to, and unlike you, I didnít want to.

Because Iím nice, Iím not insecure, and Iíve already killed more things in my life than I wish were the case. He was a happy, friendly thing that went back home after just a couple minutes. And you would have loved a chance to kill him, simply because youíre so frustrated and unhappy in the dumpster-fire life youíve chosen - and built - for yourself. Iíll pray for you tonight, John. I really do hope you manage to turn your life into a happier place.

John in AR 04-12-2020 08:44 PM

Hey John... thought Iíd share how my Easter Sunday was. Had lunch with three family members; not just Ďrelativesí, but genuine Ďfamilyí, people who all love each other and would defend each other to the death if necessary. Also there was a young couple (friends of my son) with their 15 month old baby that my wife loves playing with. Turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, homemade rolls, all the good stuff and almost all completely home made, including fresh apple pie made from scratch by my wifeís 80-year-old mother. She likes cooking more than is really needed, so Iím taking another entire apple pie to work in the morning to share with our employees.

After lunch and watching the toddler find easter eggs that my wife had put out for him, I went home and sighted in a scope on an AR22 rifle. Itís had a red dot on it for a couple years and since I also have a red dot on my AR22 pistol, I decided to go with a scope on this rifle instead. Got a heck of a deal on the scope a little while back on a closeout site, a rimfire-specific Riton 2-7x with reticle marked for 75, 100, 125, and 150 yards. Heck of a nice scope that really milks the 22 for all itís worth, and paid less than $80 for it iirc. Donít have to spend a ton of money to have fun and have nice things.

Shortly after sighting in the gun I encountered a small rattlesnake; no more than a foot & a half in length. No crisis, no drama, just simply shot it. Thatís what you can do when you actually carry a gun and not just pontificate about them.

Little while later, after petting one of the horses that came up to the fence when he saw me out there, I decided to call it a day. So I got my tablet and sat on the back porch watching some netflix, smoking a cigar & drinking a beer until right at sunset.

Pretty cool day. Hope yours was nice also.

Terry G 04-12-2020 09:33 PM

Well it certainly was disappointing not being able to share the day with my Son or Daughter, but the new Labrador puppy was picked up yesterday and I got a lot of video's and pictures of their Easter. Several months ago when their Lab passed away my Wife and I discussed the Grandkid's upcoming Birthday's and I told my Wife I was really sick of buying plastic crap for them so how about a Puppy? She was all for it and I ran it by my Son and his Wife. My Son didn't want me to do it.. Registered Labradors aren't cheap. I told him neither were trip's to Canada and he didn't mind those. We got a laugh out of that. Anyway, as it turned out my Granddaughter wanted a Puppy for her Birthday too. Turns out a Chiapo or Teddy Bear litter was available (not cheap, either). Long story short I think they'll enjoy these Dog's better than Wal Mart crap. Training two pup's is a job but my Son and His Wife have both raised pups before so they know what there in for. There were a few tear shed and I ate up the gratitude of course, but I feel pretty good about it. My Wife thinks I'm the last of the big spenders and that my idea was great. His puppy will be a little young this Fall but he want's to bring Her with my Dog for Pheasant. A pleasant Easter to all.

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