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with one absorbent bag, 2 mylar bags

did 2 hours this am at 34-38F degrees, didn't even have to close up the top end of the 3 bags. Had them tented, and got no condensation at all. Closing of the head end of the bags is the major cause of condensation problem, even if you are not breathing inside of the bags. I had only office clothing, bare arms,no shoes even. It was almost raining, 90+% humidity, very little wind. it was quite nice, actually. I"m thinking that with the extra clothing, and the netting around me, under my clothing, this 4 bag arrangement is going to suffice to 10F, without a fire. For the extra 3/4 lb of weight and bulk, that's well worth it, since it's all going to be useful in hot weather, too. A better deal than the down pants, for a fact. The one SOL 2 person bivvy, opened flat, was a bit small, just 11x7 ft, for rainy days. 14x11, tho, that will be quite sufficient.It's never that cold during the day here, and I'll have the PEVA "window" and its greenhouse effect, or the UCO lantern as back up. I can just keep moving during the night, if need be. The other test of the doubled mylar bags was with a single person variant, which was sent to be in error. Got the 2 person version yesterday. The extra room really means a lot. It not only lets you move around. I',m convinced that it's warmer, cause the absorbent materials are not compressed. Also, the first test of the 4 bag set up, one of the absorbent bags was twisted down by my feet and I couldn't get all the way into the bag without curling up. Having the ability to straighten out and move your legs is very important when you have bad circulation in your legs, relative to how warm you feel. It's not at all likely to get down into the 20's before january, here. and I'm unlikely to get to test the 10F theory at all. I've seen it below 0F here only a very few nights, and -10 ONCE, in the 9+years I"ve been here.

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