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2019 "What have you done the week"

Lets start a fresh page! Its Wednesday, a couple of us retired guys went out and shot bianchi plates this morning than went and did lunch and a couple of woobly pops. 220 rds of .45 Colt went down range this morning. Next Wednesday, we'll do a repeat.
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In that case, I'm going to copy & paste my earlier-today post from the previous (long & drawn-out) thread...

Purchased, modified, and filled with concrete a ballast box for the new tractor. Even though the tractor & loader weigh over 4000 lbs, without added weight on the back the front-end loader will raise the back of the tractor off the ground at times; so more weight going on the back.

In the quest for ways to get the most accomplished for the least cost and hassle, also ordered a Ratchet Rake for the loader bucket. For leveling dirt & gravel and ripping out underbrush and small tree growth (both of which we have a ton of), it appears like it should do quite a bit of clearing and cleaning for a pretty small cost. Never heard of them until I was researching tractors over the last couple months, but they've received pretty much all positive reviews on the couple tractor forums I'm on, and some very impressive youtube videos of them in action.

This one is fairly long and he spends the first four or five minutes just talking, but it demonstrates pretty well. If it does even half as well as it appears to, it will be handy as can be:
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Shot up all my carry ammunition, 80 rounds 9MM, 30 rounds .45. All Remington Golden Saber. Received 500 rounds of .223 on stripper clips and 1000 rounds of CCI "Clean" .22. The bullets are polymer coated and they're bright red. Took my boat out and caught nothing, but saw a lot of Eagles and my Dog had fun chasing Minnows off one of the Islands. My Wife and I rescued a kitten from the side of the road. It looked terrible. Skin and bone, shaking like mad. We took it to a Vet and when she inserted a thermometer in it's rectum (This is super gross) Maggots came out. We put it down. $193.00 to euthanize and cremate. Wife is heartbroken. Bad end to a good week.
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Not a gun thing but imo still a preparedness/homesteading thing; I ran the ratchet rake for the first time for a couple hours last night. Massively good tool. It cleans up scrub every bit as well as that video shows, and also took down two trees just out of curiosity, wondering if it could. One was probably 3" diameter and the other 4" or so. I didn't expect it to be able to take down the bigger one, but its roots weren't particularly deep and it succeeded, much to my surprise. And on the typical scrub junk, once I got the feel of it it just grabbed & cleared like sweeping a floor clean; it was real impressive for clearing small tangled growth.

And this was all on a smallish 35-hp tractor, with the help of ~630 lbs of ballast (532lb ballast box and 65-70lb 3-point quick hitch adapter) on the rear of the tractor. Am hugely impressed with this simple attachment - it should come in real handy for making trails and clearings in the crap scrub growth we have.

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