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Originally Posted by Terry G View Post
Again, I'm amazed the success rate was so high. It shows how good an idea it is to carry a handgun in Bear country. I don't have any of the super magnums, I would be limited to a .357 Magnum or a .45 Colt. But then I only go in Bear country where handguns are forbidden to non-citizens. No matter what, I wouldn't go hiking around in a Grizzly or Black Bear area with a .22 on my hip. Anyone who has seen a Black Bear close uo (Not in a Zoo) will have total respect for them. Even "Smokey" here out breakfast visitor did not seem to want to be petted.
I think in Canada, your best bet would be a 12 ga pump with slugs or 00 buckshot.
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Good all around choice in Canada. Up here in Canada you can buy 14" barrelled factory made shotguns that are classified as non restricted, as is a Chiappa "Alaskan" M1892 (Takedown) in .44 mag with a 13" barrel.
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12 Gauge pump loaded with No. 4 Buckshot alternated with slugs. .30/06 M-1 Garand 150 Grain SP's. We've never fired a shot at a Bear in 25 week long trips to an outpost Fishing camp, although we've been bothered by Bears every year. Broken windows, stolen food, plastic gasoline cans destroyed, Barbecue Grill turned over (Every Year), and general nuisances loading the boat every day. We cover each other constantly. Twice used Bear spray which was VERY effective. My Son say's four times, but I only remember two.
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