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for a truly fast draw (ie, .65 second or less)

to react, draw and hit, average of 5 tries, all on a 10" circle at 10 ft, the entire bottom of the trigger guard must be free of holster material. This is with an openly worn speed rig, affixed to the belt in front of the strong-side hip, using the "hands-hanging-naturally-at-your-sides" starting position and a holster that actually will hold the gun when you jump around. :-) I always have to specify everything or somebody like Deaf will cheat, trying to use birdshot, hand hovering off of the gunbutt, not including reactiontime, etc. The fingers have to be able to hit the gun butt splayed out, fully open, etc and have free access to create a proper grip on the gun, right from the start, not having to lose .20 second "fixing" the grip on the way up to the firing position, (or miss frequently) My reaction time is a bit slower, at .21 second, than the .19 second that I could demo in my 30's. Also, the old Krondek sweep hand timer always showed times about .03 second faster than the digital timers. My reaction time on the Krondek was .16-.17 second, if I was "keyed-in" and warmed up. I have a CED airsoft timer. Airsoft guns slow down your repeat shots, especially after 2-3 have been fired. You can watch the slide move on the damned things as the gas gets cold. Also, I can barely hear the beep anymore, which is what might be accounting for the slower reaction time. The .65 second draw times are for going to Weaver for the shot, but not seeing the sights. When I really move, I can't break the habit of the Weaver bent arms. The Isosceles stance is much better for keeping repeat shots where the first one went, a bit faster, than the weaver stance. I've got so many thousands of hours going to the weaver that it's very, very difficult for me not to do so when I"m really moving, from the holster.

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I've never been extremely fast from the holster, and eventually accepted that I'm not going to put in the time to become so. I'm 'ok' to 'good', but not great from the holster and will likely never be.
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it's not that hard, with today's airsoft guns and timers, No range trip, 1/2c per shot The gas op airsoft guns are pretty slow for repeat shots, tho, especially if you try to time more than a double tap.

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