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John in AR 04-16-2019 12:01 PM

What have you bought related to guns?
A long-running thread on another forum made me think of starting a similar one here.

While 'learning, training, and practicing' are more usually more important (and more often neglected) than 'acquiring', there's still a level of acquiring that can be beneficial. So in that vein, this thread.

I've primarily been busy working on our house and helping my MIL handle some things (she was recently widowed), and haven't bought a ton of gun stuff lately. I've only shot probably 1200-1500 rounds in the last 4 months or so, including rimfire. I did get a new revolver back around Christmas, and have an ABC Rifles 9mm AR pistol on order now, but that's it. I don't really need it but it uses ammo & magazines I already shoot, will accept my existing suppressor, and I don't have a pistol-caliber AR pistol; so when they were running a special at just under $500, I couldn't pass it up.

I expect it'll be a lot of fun running on steel plates closer-in than you should with a true rifle caliber; hope so anyway.


Anyone buy or trade anything fun or functional lately? Guns, ammo, accessories, classes...? There are some crazy good deals to be had now.

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