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New Zealand mosque shooting

Just watched a 16 minute first-person video of the NZ mosque shootings that a friend sent me. The shooter was wearing a go-pro type camera (on his forehead apparently from the perspective), and recorded the entire thing, including the drive to and from there.

Don't know current rules on posting links to this kind of graphic stuff, so will refrain until I'm sure it's permissible.

Guy's a definite whackjob (no shock there); talking to himself in the car and even occasionally making what he obviously thinks are clever comments as he's going around shooting people.

My initial take-aways -
He was at best semi-skilled, and still did a lot of evil. One woman laying dead or dying on the curb, he shoots twice in the head as he's walking back to the car, all for the camera to catch live. Definite scumbag who needs an application of high-voltage electricity or high-velocity lead.

He was obviously more gear-tard than training-tard & evidently hadn't tested his gear or himself heavily. He had sharpie-looking writing all over his guns for dramatic effect, a pump shotgun (the fourth gun he employed) had an empty chamber and only one round in the tube, his AR's weapon light was actually on and strobing as he walked from the car to the mosque and then fell off in the middle of the shooting, and ended up laying there strobing on the floor; things like that.

Even if someone inside had been armed, there simply wasn't much time to react. The first several shot were shotgunned in the back as they were walking in and he came walking up behind them.

Also if someone had been armed, they would likely have had a longer shot than most think likely necessary in a defensive scenario.

Evil simply exists, and if we don't do everything we can to provide for the safety of our loved ones, we're "worse than an infidel" ourselves.
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The U.S. Army is built around the premise that a new shooter with an M4 is deadly, at least for a while.
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I watched a couple of minutes of it that's all, sick puppy. Thank goodness he had not properly been trained, more would have died.
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the woundings must have been shoot-thru's and bad hits. Reasonably centered hits with 223, at such ranges, are lethal as hell, especially with sp;s or hp ammo.
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sure, at 10m and vs unarmed non-combatants.

Originally Posted by Jammer Six View Post
The U.S. Army is built around the premise that a new shooter with an M4 is deadly, at least for a while.
which rice farmers and goatherds with Ak's might as well be. was he armored? have ear and/or eye protection? The latter issues seem to be the mark of the complete twit.
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I like this Article

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