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i knew the guy who started Natchez shooter's supply

in prison with me in Lexington KY. he was the only real "gun guy" that I met in 18 years of prison, altho my friend Tom DID know quite a bit about them. I forget the Natchez guy;'s name, and he sold the biz very early, long before it grew into what it is. This was in 1996, me being in Ky

Tom said that when he got his first million, he started walking and talking differently. Then he went to a horse auction, to talk with a guy. The guy casually bid '7" for a horse, and won it. Tom asked the guy 'did you just pay 700k for a horse"? The guy replied, "No Tom, I just paid 7 million for a horse", and Tom said he stopped acting differently. :-) Today, even 5 million aint much. All it takes is a lawsuit or some bogus legal charge, and that 5 million will be gone in a flash.

after you've been around REAL money a bit, you'll stop thinking like a peasant, one bushel of wheat at a time.
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all this "I knew", is supposed to impress us? Many people have achievements in life, talk about yours. Just the ones that are not 40 years old, we have heard them. Tell us what you have achieved in the last 25 years.
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Originally Posted by justme View Post
…Tom said that when he got his first million, he started walking and talking differently.
That’s rare for rich people. I’m around them every day, and the percentage that “walk different” is small, and is mostly comprised of jerks; people that would be jerks whether rich or poor.

Most millionaires are small business owners, things like air-conditioning guys, accountants, etc; and nearly all of them (88%) are first-generation wealthy, so they don’t walk around like a Kennedy with their nose in the air. For that matter, the average millionaire in this country has averaged less than $80k per year income over the course of their life.

Originally Posted by justme View Post
…after you've been around REAL money a bit, you'll stop thinking like a peasant, one bushel of wheat at a time.
How does that reconcile with your “ultimate plans” including a pit in the woods and bushels of grain & other foods buried in another pit? For that matter, you publicly insulted me when I said I’d rather be somewhere other than in a hole in the ground with bushels of food buried nearby; recall that?

On “being around REAL money”, surely you jest. Being in jail with a guy who 'stole whole trailer loads of meat' and such, is not "being around real money".

At dinner a few weeks ago (the induction dinner where I was sworn in as president of the rotary club), Jim told me what a deal he picked up on a condo in Switzerland; only paid “one-point-one” as he put it – $1.1 million – and knowing Jim’s aversion to debt, I know he wrote a check. He wasn’t bragging on having money and being ABLE to spend that, he was genuinely bragging about getting such a bargain; the way I would if I picked up a colt python for 200 bucks or something. Jim’s got “real money”.

Did some work for Bill several years back when he built a new house – since we were working for Bill directly, the contractor was more open with me than he would have been if we were his subcontractor. As the house was being built, the builder’s monthly draw ran between $300,000 and $400,000; every month for over two years of construction. (House looks like a three-story commercial building, on the lake.) For that matter, I had lunch with Bill a couple weeks ago.

Fwiw, the backside of Bill's house during construction:

One of Bill's five houses. Bill’s got more than “real money”.

One of my brothers (who started out as poor as I did, but was smarter than I was early in life and worked his butt off) retired on a golf course years ago at age 46, paying cash for a house on the eighth green. Now, he spends his time playing golf and flying & driving around the country from time to time, visiting grandkids in other states. Tom’s got “real money”.

I’ve got no particular axe to grind in this category, as I frankly don’t have what I’d consider “real money”. When I was in my 40’s, the company I worked for got sold; and my job & pension both disappeared. (Great story, 60 Minutes did two programs on our CEO’s antics and eventual imprisonment.) I started over then, in my 40’s. I started with another company, taking over as their senior project engineer. Eighty-some days after I started, my division got sold. With the buyout and going to the new company, I lost nearly $900 a month, between lost vehicle allowance and insurance increases. Point being simply that even after being sold hit economically between the eyes twice in my 40’s, we’ve managed to re-group and get our net worth up to more than $800k. And that's not a brag; frankly it's a borderline lament. If I'd done smarter things when I was younger, we'd have been substantially better off now; but "it is what it is" as they say.

So for now, my net worth is still under a million. For now…

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