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Terry G that was a teasing joke on my part...I hope you know.

I have two stamped receiver MAK-90's a milled reciever MAK-90 and a milled reciever MAK-91.

I think they are the best kept secret on the "used" AK/s market.

And I agree ergonomics play a big role in how well they shoot. But for me I can't stand the thumbhole stocks they have. They just don't work for me again that's and individual choice. I did love the one on the Bulgarian Arsenal SLR-96 I had(mentally kicking myself in the rear for parting with that one).

When I get my last MAK-90 refitted, milled receiver, I'll take an updated "family" pic of my collection. Which will be Sat if my GPC/Numrich order gets in and is the right parts for my Iron Wood Designs stock.
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Originally Posted by Steve32 View Post
I bought an AR-15, and I'm going to buy an AK-74 variant too. Why would you choose, if you can buy both?
One thing that can impede one's EOTWAWKI strategy is a proliferation of cartridge types. Within a family, at least, standardization of ammo and magazines allows sharing between members during a firefight. (Of course, if one family member is known to shoot wildly, allowing them to carry a non-standard caliber means: "when you shoot all this up, you're out of ammo, so make your shots count." I'd rather just train that person better, even if a 2x4 was a necessary training aid.)
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I've been shooting the Russian surplus ammo , must say I've never had a fail, but, it dirty ammo , and really corrosive , but yep it's dirt cheap about $100 for 440 rounds, 223/556 is cheap enough, I've got an Adams Arms AR and it's really accurate with most ammo, I personally prefer the AR platform it's so adaptive , you can make it as personal as you want , not so much with the AK,OH BY THE WAY at Budsguns.com they are selling Adams arms mid length Ar15 gas piston for $559 !, less than half price they say possible blemishes but i found none .

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