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if the supremes dont give this to Trump

you'll need at the least a lot of .22lr ammo, reloading components and gold and silver bullion. coins, within a couple of years. You'll be lucky if you dont need a year's supply of stored food and non-hybrid seeds that soon and you will need them within 5 years. the fed can't buy their way out of what's coming. China is not going to buy our debt this time. they are broke, and evil to the core. They knew about this virus a month before they made the world aware of the danger and let people fly out of wuhan, so they would not be the only country with a ruined economy. We should have nuked them in January. The fed can't lower interest rates that are already at 0% We'll be lucky if it's "only" as bad as the great depression. I dont see anything but a USSR sort of oppression being able to keep the looters in check.
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