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Anyone ever make a Form 1 suppressor?

I'm considering making a suppressor, completely legally on a Form 1, strictly for .22 rimfire.

Has anyone here gone the Form 1 route before, building their own? Mine are all commercially-built ones that I bought, but I shoot so many 22's thru mine that I like the idea of a cheap one strictly for that caliber. Currently I'm using my Mystic-X for .22's and while it works fine, I don't like how dirty & funky it gets that good (rifle-rated) suppressor for rimfire use. A cheap home-built one for rimfires could be made for under $300, including the $200 tax stamp, and would reduce the use & cleaning cycles on the better suppressor.

Curious about the Form 1 process itself; primarily how much of a hassle it is..?
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there's a silencer forum. I've heard that electronic submissions have been reduced to 3-4 months waiting period. Since you've already been checked out, it might be even "faster". There's outfits selling the guts and tube as a "solvent trap". I think that they are all aluminum which is ok for the .22lr.
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Iím a member of and both; just wondering if anyone here had done one before. Iím thinking about one of those Ďfuel filterí kits with the monocore instead of the stacked baffles. Havenít decided yet, but since they can be had so cheap it makes it tempting, just to have one to leave pretty much permanently on the rimfire AR pistol.

Donít know for certain if Iíll pursue it, but itís tempting.

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