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she got very lucky. He could have shot her 100x

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Thatís a good channel; Iíve subscribed to it for quite a while now and recommend it to people regularly. Being almost all actual cctv footage, it shows the reality of violent encounters in the real world, instead of the hollywood silliness that people generally see and expect.

Even with a little pocket gun, even against a much larger attacker with an already-drawn gun in her face, she survived thru calmness and luck. The Ďwait your turní idea that he mentions goes against our macho instincts, but in many real life situations is the key to gaining advantage.

He had video from a college shooting (seattle pacific university, iirc) a few years ago that I like to show people for a lot of reasons. One student completely unaware of a guy pointing a full size shotgun at him at maybe 4-5 feet away; and a few seconds later a girl taking a full load of 12 gauge birdshot in the chest at 6-8 feet from that full-size shotgun, stops in her tracks for just a second, and then turns around and walks off & lives. Itís one example I like to use when people recommend 12 gauge birdshot for home defense, showing the very real danger of underpenetration.

Good channel.

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