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see it constantly on yt, forums, quora

"no way we can fight the military and cops on a gun grab" and I tell them "we dont have to, all we have to do is go to DC and say "hello and GOODBYE to 300 or so anti-gun politicians. The law will be rescinded in a week. ! 2 punks with an AR practically paralyzed the place with a dozen shots, random targets. By the time we got 50 of them, they'd all be living in bunkers, riding around in tanks, and sleeping in gas masks. They'd get the MESSAGE soon enough!
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Oh, good, here we go again.

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Originally Posted by Jammer Six View Post
Oh, good, here we go again.

No thanks. My initial response would be to say, “that’s tough talk for a serial surrenderer”; but that would be rude so I’ll just stay out of the conversation.
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A Meter Maid, a phone call, and a surrender to a bored U.S. Marshall with a simple, "Let's go. John." Yes, the stuff of legends.
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