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can you own a gun if your spouse was convicted of a crime

I was thinking of purchasing a gun, but my wife was convicted of a crime and sentenced to six months in jail. Does this now mean a gun cannot even be int the house? I was going to ask for more information but since I was here I thought I would ask here as well
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The short answer is no, but this question is best directed to a local attorney. Was the crime a Felony? If not, your probably good to go, but what were the conditions of her release? Talk to a lawyer.
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was she convicted of a felony? Many felons, especilly first offenders and especially women, are given probation or are sentenced to less than one year in jail. But the Feds can give such a felon a 10 year prison sentence if they are caught with a gun or one measely primer or .22lr rd.

Also, if she had a misdemeanor count of domestic abuse, she's barred from possessing a gun OR ammo, OR reloading components. Some states say that a felon can't be in a house that has a gun, even if the gun is kept in a vault that only opens to the spouse's fingerprint. In other states, that form of security is accepted, IF you also break off the "fail safe" bypass key in the lock. Best to have a steel tool box, so the hinge pins can be cut if the battery goes dead. :-) You may need to ruin the lock with a Dremel grinder and cutoff disks, if the battery craps out. So keep a fresh battery in it and have and use a battery-tester!
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it's legal for you to have the guns, IF she has no "access" to them (or ammo) that means that they have to be kept in a safe deposit box at a bank. She can't ride in the same vehicle when you go to shoot or hunt, either.

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