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i'd never shot at a moving target 1977

(other than tossed up soda cans or running animals) prior to the IPSC nationals, in Golden CO. We shot at table top gun club, across the valley from the COORs plant. I drew and fired before the target had established a consistent speed, and dropped a hit. That took me down from 2nd or 3rd place to 10th place. Distance was 15 yds, draw and get 6 hits before the target could get out of sight behind another barricade. It started moving while behind the first barricade. I forget the time frame, but I'd fired all 6 by the time it got halfway across the gap.

On the lateral mover, in the 1977 World shoot, I overheard Ray chapman saying that it wasn't possible to get more than 7 hits, which he'd done, with his 6" barrel and magnaporting. I got 8 hits with a minimally modified 1911, and could have obtained 1-2 more, but my slide was locked back. :-) 25 yds, with a couple of hostage targets in the way. Dont recall the time frame. 6 seconds, most likely, tho

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Sure you did. Now go take another hit off the crack pipe.
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That was 39 years ago, what have you competed in lately?

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