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if they outlawed guns, 90+% of guys would give up

ALL they owned. 90% of the remaining 10% would give up all but ONE, and they'd bury that one and never use it. It's the one % that gives pause to Big Brother. Guys like me, who just dont gaf about bs laws. 1% of 70 million gunowners is 700k men. The rest of gunowners are riding free on BB's doubt about what the 1% MIGHT do if he pushes too far, too fast.

There's LOTS of gun crimes being committed at Knob Creek, 2x per year and everyone knows it. But BB doesn't DARE raid the place. Why do you "think" that is the case, hmm? :-) Why not just drop 500 feds into there, via chopper, concealed in vans, etc, after 50 or so of them mingle in and set guys up? :-) That would REALLY scare the 1 % into giving up, right? Except the guys displaying and visiting Knob creek are the 1% of the 1%, and none of the Feds would ever do anything else. THAT's why it will never happen.
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I know you'll never give up YOUR gun's, Melvin. Wait a minute, you don't have any.
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