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Wifey would be happy to sell the AR

IF something was cheaper, or more reliable, or more durable, or more accurate AND had a .22 unit, silencer, luminous sights, drop in trigger job, had a dark, rustproof finish, protected iron sights, return to zero scope base, see thru scope mounts, fired the GI rd, uses GI parts and mags, was lw, compact, 1.5 MOA (or better) concealable (when taken down) was available as a stripped lower, as an 80% finished lower, was usable with just one arm, effective to 1/4 mile+, was easily converted to full-auto, had a bolt-on night scope, Picatinny rail, and a dozen other advantages I can't think of right now (but which I've enumerated before) However, there's nothing that comes even halfway close to all those AR advantages. Even garand noticed that, which is saying a HELLUVA lot.

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I gather your get rich scheme didn't work if you have to sell her firearms!

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