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every rr yd has "de-railers" laying on it

anyone can snap some pics and make some drawings. With them set on RR bridges, going each direction, the price of shipping anything by RR will soon double. It won't be just one car that goes off the track. It will be the entire train, and if it's a decent depth of water below, there will be no salvaging anything from the wreck. Also, the mess below the bridge will probably also block water-transport. How will you stop this? 24-7 guards on each RR bridge, ? Have to be several guards at each place, , with a very close rapid response team and a sandbagged guard shack, or the guard will just be silently shot and the de-railers deployed anyway. It's very hard for a sniper to hid from thermal imaging.

See, nobody's REALLY trying to mess up the country. It would be VERY easy to cost the govt, a trillion $ per year wasted on trying to secure the place. Since it's not happening, nobody who knows HOW is all that po'd, (yet)

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Great Terrorist post, in Gun Rights. TSA, anyone?

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Why would he be dumb enough to suggest terrorist activities? Melvin, do you really miss jail that much??

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