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I averaged 600 rds of .45 a day, for 6 weeks

and some days I never fired at all, cause I had to go get immunizations, etc. I ran several miles every day and lived on a can of ravioli a day. Slept in a mess tent, under a skeeter net. Used WD40 to kill the bugs that were inside the net with me. :-) sort of stained Harry's net. I had a couple of 1500 rd days, quite a few days over 1000 rds. Had to load the ammo on a Star press set up in the tent, and of course, had to retreive the brass. I did it all with 3000 rds of brass, all of which had been fired at least 3x. At the end, had about 1000 cases left, all with badly bulged webs from all the carbide sizing.

Bill Wilson came up to Harry's range one day. asked me if I could hit his roll of 100 mph patching tape if he threw it up into the air, and I said "yes'. He did, and I did. :-) He was a little upset about the wastage of his tape. :-)
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