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no, i dont think a pocket 9 has enough power

That's why I took the trouble, back then (and would do so again) to rechamber a barrel of a pocket gun to 356 TSW (or today, 9x21 mm). A 5" 9mm, loaded all the way out, or the pocket gun, with 9x21 Split nose, those have acceptable power levels. Pull the 85 gr Silvertip jhp from Winchester 380 ammo, drive it to 1700 fps in a 5" 9mm, and you've got something worth having! That's 550 ft lbs, like a full charge 4" 357, easily provable, (on animals) to lay on a real lick! :-)

but 220 ft lbs, probably no expansion, from .38 snub, 380 or 9mak? Nah, nothing much there at all. When you can't even POCKET the damned thing, due to its being as bulky and heavy as a Colt .45 Defender, why bother with the feeble pos? 45 grs at 2200 fps from a pocket 9, that's 500 ft lbs. With the advantage of the 2 wound cavities per hit, achieved by using the Split Nose bullet, the 9mm pocket gun is worth having, and it's also got the tactical advantages of convenience and the fastest (by far) ccw draw (hand on gun, in pocket) Belt gun, especially with a winter coat over your ccw garment, is 5-6x as slow to draw and hit with than the pocket draw. Such a belt draw is a full 2 seconds (ie, 10-12 hits) slower. Now, that's stupid, allowing enemies that much extra time in which to hurt you or your loved one. Being even a 'mere" 1/4 second faster is enough to stop at least one hit , and often, it's fast enough to make them stop without your having to fire, always by far preferable, since it saves you at least $50,000 of hassles.

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