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Unregistered 12-29-2003 07:16 PM

New Air Threats
Does anyone know why the TSA is doing a foot drag on arming
pilots? Now is the time. We are at a point where not only those
flights landing in the U.S. but, even flying over U.S. airspace must
be under scrutiny. P.S. I said to wife back in 1979 after the damn
embassy take over. This day would come sooner or later. And we
have to settle accounts with these people once and for all!

Rich Z 12-29-2003 07:48 PM

I think a general look as a broad view of why we are all being gradually disarmed would be in order. NO enemy force in the world could conquer a completely armed and ready populace. So why would any country want to take that away from their people? It is us that would protect our way of life, and protect a government that made our way of life worth living.

The only thing that can accomplish such a goal is if the government itself has been taken over from inside and wishes to take away any possibility of the people in general being able to say "NO" to something they want them to do. A government genuinely for the people, by the people, and of the people has nothing to fear from THE PEOPLE that are armed.

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