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almost blew off my left arm

with a cross draw rig, at a match up at Heinie's place, in Havana, Ill. I fired over my left arm, one handed for the first shot, cause I got in way too big a hurry. I then went to Weaver and finished the stage the match stage was draw, and get 2 hits on each of 3 silohuettes, at 5, 7 and 10 yds, IIRC. I think it was timed, and there was plenty of time, 4 seconds or something like that. We ran it twice went forward and magically, I had (4) A zone hits on that first, closest target. That attacker was one VERY unlucky guy. :-) Nobody else was aware that I'd had an un-intended shot.

I was born left handed, but a few things, like shoot an autopistol, bat, throw a ball, shoot a basketball, I do right handed, cause I was taught that way. I was not taught the pistol, but 1911's had no ambi safeties in 1969 and I could not have afforded one if they had been available. I shot longarms and revolvers left handed, by preference, but the right side was only a little bit slower.
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