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ever try "bullet art"?

Ad Topperwein and Ernie Linde (his successor and protege as Winchester's exhibition shooter) would assume the sittting position at about 10 ft from the 1 yd square sheet of thin steel. Ernie's wife would load one of the 3 Winchester .22 auto's and hand it to him. Ernie would rapidfire, using the bullet holes to "draw" the War bonnet chief's head. To make this look worth a hoot, all your bullets must strike within 1/4" of where they should, for even spacing and the pic had to be completed in about 3 minutes. Think this is easy? Try it.

Another trick that Ernie did was start with his .38 holstered in a belt rig, with a kitchen matchbox (full of flour) on the back of his hand, held at waist height. He'd reach for his gun, letting the box fall, draw and hit the box before the box could hit the floor. If you think you're fast and accurate, try THAT. :-)

Ernie would put a 4" .38 upside-down in the inside breast pocket of his suitcoat. He'd pull open the coat with his left hand, use his right hand to pull the .38 out by its muzzle, grab the butt with his LEFT hand and fire. FAST. No holster involved.

Another "no-holster" trick was to put a PPk (pinkie finger mag extension in place) upside- down in his right rear pants pocket. He'd pinch the front of the slide twixt thumb and forefinger, lift on the gun. The pinkie-rest would "snag' on the top of the pants pocket, rolling the gunbutt into his hand and he'd then fire. FAST. The only thing visible was about 1/2" of the front of the gun. NOT easy to see. Other than gay men, who's looking that closely at a man's butt-pocket top?

ernie could toss up steel "slugs" from electrical boxes, "nick" the bottom corner and make the slug spin BACKWARDS towards him. another rifle trick was to eject .22lr fired casings vertically, from a pump gun, then close the bolt, shoulder the gun and hit the casing in midair. Try THAT, if you think you're fast with a rifle. :-)

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