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Strong Rumours on CMP .45's

The rumour mill is going hot and heavy that Obama has OK'd the release of 10,000 1911 A1's for sale through the CMP. Going price said to be $1,000.00 for Rack Grade, the lowest grade in the CMP system. This could all be BS, mind you. No way, if true, would I pay that for a shaky old 1911 unless Audie Murphy carried it.
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I wouldn't give more than $100 for one if I had to KEEP it. They need 10 hours worth of work and $100 worth of parts to be as good a shooter as a $400 RIA. they are worth $100 as a throway, but i HATE those tiny sights, the crappy trigger pull, the lack of a speed safety, ducktail tang, stipplilng, flat housing, proper feed ramp and ejection port. and they badly need the barrel hood enlarged and fitted, slide tightened on the frame (most of them) bushing swaged open to be a snug fit in the slide,, barrel swaged to fit the bushing, better sights, (MUCH better sights) barrel positioner soldered inside of the slide, lower barrel lugs cut to match the slide stop, etc.
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Yep geared towards the wall hanger/safe queen market for sure.
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dunno why anybody considers them to be a "collector's item" since there's 6 million of the damned things

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