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nikto 02-15-2016 12:21 PM

what do u find most rewarding about guns/shooting?
me, it's when I toss up a soda can, a student student misses it with 12 ga, and I draw from ccw and hit the can in midair. They are always AGHAST. :-) Now, I am not waiting to see them miss. I toss the can with the left hand, and immediately use that hand to "clear" the shirt, and then draw with the right hand. I've been known to be successful at this even if I start with the LW commander being chamber-empty. I always did carry it cocked and locked, even if chamber was empty, so as to facilitate racking the slide and to keep my training consistent.

If they have a 28" barrel,using birdshot, their pattern is just 3" wide, at most, at the range that they are trying to engage the tossed-up can. They'd almost be better off with a .22 rifle. In fact, if they are not using ear protection, they WOULD be more likely to hit with the 22 rifle (and a bit of coaching) than they are with the 12 ga. Since they are not looking at me, but rather focusing on hitting the tossed up can, they are unaware that I am drawing immediately after the toss. Often, they are unware that I'm armed at all. :-) This little trick is a very useful way to get their attention about who's what on that shooting range, and then they learn faster/better.

It does not seem to help much for them to have the safety disengaged and the 12 ga shouldered, either (if they are rank beginner)s. Some seem quite irked that it's possible to be that much better with a pistol than they are with a shotgun. :-) This trick is really not that hard to learn, now that airsoft makes it so easy to see what your shot did.

Garand 02-15-2016 03:43 PM

I enjoy the experience of travelling and competing with either my wife of a close friend. It make the experience more rewarding.

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