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when farmer rancher flees, or is killed

what happens to his livestock, post shtf, hmm? it will die without care, from lack of food, water, run into fences by dog packs, etc. How will you establish if somebody is the true owner, or just some pretender? fact is, you wont be able to do so. He may well have no more claim to the critters than you do. In fact, the rightful owner may well just be letting the critters be wasted, too, out of fear, incompetence, having nothing but a bolt action or shotgun, etc.

why let some fools have it, who lack the salt or knowledge of how to jerk/preserve it, or let it rot after dogs kill it? I am not saying to spray the entire herd with .22's. I'm saying pop 1, move the hind quarters a mile or so away, jerk the meat, get the jerky (and 200 lbs of grain) into your buried 55 gal drums. Repeat as needed for your group size. Then have non hybrid seeds and know how to grow sprouts, clandestinely.

then you can just hole up, with your sedatives, solar chargers and laptops, studying up on "how to" info that you're going to need. In a year or so, after nearly everyone's dead, it will be far safer to emerge and go gather up the stuff that you need.
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