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Webley Revolvers

It seems the revolvers of WWII have had a fairly large resurgence in interest with the flood of Russian Nagant's hitting our shores. The 1917 Colt's and Smith & Wesson .45 ACP's have taken off for sky, but the Nagant's are around $100.00 and the British Enfields are still reasonable. Now it seems the wartime Webley's are being sought after as prizes. The Webley was favored over the double action only Enfield and prices are climbimg. I bought one about thirty years ago and pretty much forgot about it. I have two boxes of 147 grain S&W ammunition (NOT .38 Special) and a box marked .38 200 grain which I recall as the Britsh wartime round. I'm going to shoot it some more and need to get some more ammo. Anyone know of a source of 200 grain rounds? Thanks for any help.
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Boy, I searched and came u the same as you... Nothing..
My uncle had one of these given to him, and it looks to be in very good condition. He was at garage sale, and noticed a couple kids playing with the gun,.. and mentioned it to the owner,. the owner just gave him the gun to get rid of it..
I will continue looking for it.. the 200 grain loads..
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I've owned the S&W M33 regulation Police, Enfield Tanker & a S&W No.2 Mk1 "Victory" revolver (5" barrel) in the past in .38 S&W caliber and was never able to find a commercial source. The molds are available for those who cast though.
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I haven't been able to come up with any .380/200 either. Fortunately, my Mk IV shoots to point of aim with factory 146 gr. RNL.

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