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Polish P-64

Good news the Polish 9X18MM P-64 is now available as a C&R piece for around $170, plus S&H. Bad news is I bought two several years ago and was terribly unimpressed. Horrible double-action trigger pull that turned into a very light single-action that could easily turn into a second unintentional shot. The two I bought were brand new, only covered with a light film of oil. Never the less, after around 20 to thiry rounds of Wolf Silver Bear the Bakelite grips disintegrated in my hand. Both pistols. A gunsmith friend said it was likely the main spring was was hitting the grip screw for some reason.
Also, the recoil was severe. I think the gun is too light for the standard 9/18Makarov cartridge. With the heavy double action, the light single action, and the recoil, I would be very afraid of a second shot going into the wild blue yonder. Make your choice, it's a cute little gun. I'll stick with my CZ-82's And Makarov's for my back up's. I sent both P-64's back.
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Wolf has replacement mainsprings to fix the trigger pull,#17IIRC.....OTOH I prefer CZ82s,P83s and DDR Makarovs as well.Nice little pocket rocket,though.
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Along with two Makarovs( EG& Bulgarian Circle 10), 2 Tokarevs( TTC& M57,1CZ52&1 PPS43c...yeah, I scored a suitably re-sprung Circle 11 P64... surprisingly accurate little beast...My Maks carry almost as easy( and disappear on my " Iggy Pop meets Joe Pesci" body type frame) but there's something I like about a Polish PPK in 9x18- basically what the. 380 should have been.....IMHO, of course.

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