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Terry G 11-12-2009 01:39 PM

OK Pick one as a carry pistol.
Tokarev 7.62MM (Country of your choice), Makarov 9X18MM, (Again, Country of your choice), Walther P-1 9MM Parabellum, or CZ82 9X18MM. What would you pack?

cutter 11-12-2009 04:58 PM

If those are the only choices, I would have to go with the Walther. My thinking is that the 9mm Parabellum is more readily available (though maybe not at the moment) and is cheaper to buy (also maybe not at the moment). To my way of thinking, all of the 9mm rounds are similar in performance and while the 7.62 for the Tokarev is a good round, I have never seen it available here. Then again, I have never really looked for it.

NRA UR2 11-12-2009 10:25 PM

[QUOTE=Terry G;204544]Tokarev 7.62MM (Country of your choice), Makarov 9X18MM, (Again, Country of your choice), Walther P-1 9MM Parabellum, or CZ82 9X18MM. What would you pack?[/QUOTE]

Rather limited poor choices, but since I bought 2 Russian Makarov's in the early nineties. I'll have to go with that one.:twoguns:

jasper 11-13-2009 08:18 AM

Never had a minute of range time with any of 'em...So wouldn't trust them to work..........

arebindixie 11-15-2009 11:34 AM

[QUOTE=Terry G;204544]Tokarev 7.62MM (Country of your choice), Makarov 9X18MM, (Again, Country of your choice), Walther P-1 9MM Parabellum, or CZ82 9X18MM. What would you pack?[/QUOTE]

The Tokarev, Makorov, CZ82, and Walther P-1 are rugged, reliable, and accurate with long service histories. Neither cartridge (7.62x25, 9x18, and 9x19) is optimally effective with a military ball loading. The 7.62x25 is flat shooting and especially pleasant to shoot for a cartridge generating that much muzzle energy (approximately 440 ft. lbs).

Current Tokarevs that are imported are fitted with Mickey Mouse safeties to gain points in the BATF's import criteria (the Tokarev is a single action semi-automatic pistol). These safeties are awkward to me and not particularly useful. Though I don't particularly like carrying an original version (without a safety) cocked, a holster that adequately blocks the hammer with a safety strap makes it feasible without compromising safety.

The Makarov is a good size for daily carry, especially concealed. I consider the CZ82 to be basically a double stack Makarov. The fit and finish is better than most Makarovs and it seems to be equally accurate and reliable. It is bulkier than a Makarov and I do not think that the four additional rounds in the magazine (12 vs. 8) justifies the additional bulk. Furthermore, Makarov magazines are easier to come by and are substantially cheaper.

The Walther P-1 is basically a P-38 with an alloy frame. Fit and finish and overall quality is generally excellent (substantially better than typical Makarovs and Tokarovs). With a weight of 28 ounces, it is the same weight as the CZ 82 (the Makarov weighs 26 ounces in comparison). I find the P-38/P-1 safety awkward but since I carry a double action semi-automatic pistol with the safety off, this is not an issue.

Of the choices at hand, even though I really like the Makarov, I would choose the Walther P-1 due to its general quality, sound reputation, and since the 9x19 is more powerful, more flexible, and more easily attainable.

heliophobic1 11-16-2009 09:38 AM

A little off topic but, I've always been a fan of the Tokarev...especially as a companion piece to a PPSH-41. Too bad I'll never be able to purchase the latter and, as a result, am not as interested in owning the former.

RIKA 11-24-2009 12:20 PM

The West German P1 came in 2 versions. The earlier version was prone to frame cracking even with service ammo. The later version was fitted with a through bolt to strengthen the frame - you can tell it by the hexagonal nut. I wouldn't use either version with +P ammo except strictly in a SD situation. That said, I like the Makarov. Its cheap, easy to carry and the Silver Bear HP seems to work well for SD.


Terry G 11-24-2009 01:00 PM

[QUOTE=NRA UR2;204551]Rather limited poor choices, but since I bought 2 Russian Makarov's in the early nineties. I'll have to go with that one.:twoguns:[/QUOTE]Odd response as the handguns mentioned were all adopted by at least one country, more often by several. I listed these because they are what's out there on the C&R market now, though rapidly drying up. CZ 82's and Walther P-1's especially. I don't see any of them as "poor choices". I wouldn't feel badly armed with any of them.

tuna 11-24-2009 05:05 PM

I really like the looks of the Tokerov, and have always wanted one, but for daily carry, I think I'd go with the Mak.

Garand 11-24-2009 06:08 PM

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I would prefer my P-38 if I had my choice, but I would be comfortable with the P1.

grumpysfc 11-25-2009 07:42 PM

If I had to pick one, I would definitely go with the higher power Walther in 9X19, did I say higher power for 9MM Parabellum. OOOOOOHH.
If it is a C & R weapon you want, I would go with a Ballester-Molina from Argentina. .45 ACP would definitely be more my speed. It looks like a Colt M1911 without the grip safety but has a few more differences, but keeps most of the ergonomics.

T. Daves 01-18-2010 04:59 PM

I once owned a norinco313 tokarev look alike in 9mm. I liked it, so I would probably go that direction.

mgjohn 02-15-2010 11:13 PM

CZ82. Like the Walther but it;s a pain to carry in a inside the pants holster.

Glenn Bartley 06-25-2010 08:35 PM

All things equal - such as in one beng fully functional and in excellent condition, I would go with the Walther P-1 9MM Parabellum without hesitation. The only factor I would need consider, with as I said each being fully functional and in excellent condition, is the availabilty of ammunition in the caliber range given. There is a huge amount of 9mm parabellum available right now and it would likely remain available to a great extent, though somewhat harder to find, even after the SHTF.

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gripper 09-02-2011 03:43 PM

I carry my M57 in a Comfort-Til IWB rig,with Wolf Gold HPs and fmjs in alternating mags....I would love to score an E G Makarov,or Bulgarian military one in a NH FTF...either one works well and carries comfy.BTW,we got a hacker/ spambot back.....

nikto 07-12-2015 05:33 AM

Assuming that i could rig up a proper safety for the Tok or the walther, I'd do one of those probably the walther. There's probably space in the frame to drill a crosswise hole and mount the saftey spring and detent ala Star, or into a stud that's mounted in the frame, ala P35. or the star's slidelock method

Garand 07-13-2015 05:43 AM

As time marches on, so do my choices, Colt Combat Commander in either 9mm or .45 acp

gripper 07-13-2015 05:49 AM

I'd probably go with a pre War P38 steel frame, mated up to a Type 2 P-1 top end. But hey,I also like Tokarevs and Makarovs so I'm a weirdo :-)

nikto 07-13-2015 06:00 AM

I'd consider all of them a very poor choice, only done due to circumstances like being trapped in a foreign country.

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