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Originally Posted by Dorobuta View Post
do you need a yard to do this?
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Only yard he needs is a prison yard.
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Bass Pro, Cabelas an now Sportsman Warehouse are owned by same person (Johnny Morris) Do you really think for one second that he would buy your worthless krap guns. Dream on goonkid.
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Originally Posted by boati View Post
the .44 DA cap and ball aint all that far off. It's just a question of welding up the stainless steel DA crane so that it can't open again weld in the plugs in the back ends of the chambers, drilling and tapping them for flanged nipples for the black powder caps, threaded in from the inside of the chamger, so it can handle higher pressures. The cylinder will be removed like a SA revolver, and each of the SS DA's will come with a spare cylineder. I'll have Lee make a couple o custom .44 molds, one a full wadcutter with a big hollowbase cavity and one with a hollowbase and a nose shape that fits into the hollowbase of the top bullet. This gives more room for the 777 powder charge, The non-corrosive caps, SS gun and the Hodgdon's BP substitute should be good for a pair of 50 gr bullets at 1400 fps, from a 4" barrel, That is, both bullets in the same chamber, or a 100 grs of projectiles. With such a gun in each hand, a guy can deliver the same hits, in the same time as a Mac 11 380 on full-auto Five shoits from each gun, .80 second, 20 bulllets. Once she demo's that for Redhead, Cabellas, etc. Each will place an order for 1000 guns, at $500 each. when I show those orders to the maker of the revolver, he'll tool up for the change-ove. Since these reolvers can be sold directly to the buyers, in the mail, and it has such a unique market, $800 retail sounds about right to me,because of the fitted spare cylinder. I want $100 per gun. I can see 10,000 frames getting made before any legislation can be made against it, and ex post facto says that they will have to let the guns be finished and sold. In fact, I dont see how they could know how many are made, since there's no requirement of a serial number on a cap and ball revolver..
I'm guessing the following, in no particular order:

1) you'll never get to a working sample
2) if you do get to a working sample, you will not sell one - the interest doesn't exist at the level you think.
3) you'll never secure the liability insurance to go commercial with them
4) nobody will place an order on a gun without a proven production run and lot's of reviews and existing customers.
5) you are incapable of properly marketing anything - I give you better than a 75% chance of insulting anyone who questions your "offering"
6) Nobody will accept 10" accuracy at 10 meters. To think they will is insanity.
7) your understanding of the laws and how "ex post facto" works is somewhat incomplete. They can ban anything they want and not grandfather anything. Ask the Bumpstock owners how that worked out for them.
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