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Black Poweder Revolver Loading

I bought a .44 black powder revolver probably 10 plus years ago. Fired it a bunch of times, cleaned it, then forgot it. I have a couple questions maybe someone could help me with. First how many grains of black powder? Pyrodex? The lubricated pads go between the ball and the powder or over the top of the ball? Pretty basic, but like I say it's been years. I still shoot my replica .50 Hawken pretty often, but the revolvers been gathering dust. Thanks for any help!
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Sorry, never used Black Powder due to my asthma
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I used to shoot BP revolvers a bunch, but it was a very long time ago. For some reason I want to say it was 40 grains in the .44 revolver I had (under a .454 round ball), but it was a LONG time ago and that could be completely and dangerously wrong. Been at least 38 years ago, maybe 40.
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BP is something I've avoided - it would be one more thing I don't have time for....

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Fwiw, looks like I was remembering wrong, on the high side. They say 22-35 grains under a .454 ball on these sites:

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