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Suppressed blackpowder rifle

Recently came across something that is intriguing as all get-out.

An integrally suppressed, .50-caliber non-firearm; the silencerco Maxim-50. It's a blackpowder gun with an integral suppressor. No NFA tax stamp, no ATF wait time, not even a 4473 form, and on sale right now for $450 shipped to your door.

I have absolutely NO need for one of these, and it's still tempting...

Makes me wonder if they use a rod/rail system like the Salvo uses...? Otherwise, seems like you'd get a mess if you tried to load using non-pellet powder from the muzzle end of a suppressor.
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I'd want to see both loading and cleaning instructions before I'd drop coin on it.
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((( sold out

loading tube
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you wanna use triple7 in it, or you'd have to boil it out every 3 shots. :-)

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