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20 yrs, Jeff said winning matches=gunfighter

UNTIL his methods were no longer winning. :-) He himself used to advocate muzzle foward speed rigs, and several other things that, once he had a school, were no longer desirable. :-)

I found his Scout Rifle pronouncements to be a real laugh. SOMEHOW, it's superimportant to get a fast first hit, but a fast second shot doesn't matter, even tho a 10 shot box mag is important! now wtf would such a mag matter on a hunting only rifle, hmm? and if its about fighting, wtf be 5x as slow for your second shot as need be? Only one enemy at a time, right? NEVER miss. Never have to fight at night (ie, no luminous sights on a Scout) Making all that noise can't EVER matter any, either. Never going to need to conceal the damned thing, of course!
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