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if choose 1 1/4" OD tubing for internal tube

of 223 silencer, say, .050" wall thickness, the ID is 1.150". So 1 1/8" OD tubing is a nice "slip fit" inside of the silencer tubing. A short pc, say 4" long of the 1 .250" OD tubing becomes the "cylinder" of the baffle making kit. A 4" long pc of the 1.125" OD becomes the "piston" of the kit. A fender washer has to be carefully centered and welded on each end of the piston. One end is drilled and reamed, preferably lathe-bored with about an 8 mm or 5/16" ID hole, centered on the tubing, and the other end is similarly modified to have a hole that is more like 11/16's. This is done to let you form baffles of 2 different internal hole sizes. The small hole baffles are about 1/2" thick, viewed from the side, while the next baffle in line (in the can) is about 1" thick, with a larger ID hole. Repeat this for all of the baffle stack, and what you get is a lighter can, which uses much less of the expensive copper screenwire (the front half of the stack can use aluminum screenwire) and the hot gases expand out into the larger hole, then have to "squeeze down' or penetrate the screenwire of the small hole baffle. This exposes more wire filaments to more of the gases, helping to cool them more swiftly.

You'll have to put a steel washer on the far side of the first couple of small hole baffles, or the 223 blast will blow them apart/unravel them in short order. The aluminum screen stack can also use this trick of alternating hole sizes. on the far side of each small hole baffle, I use a neoprene washer, 1/8" thick. it is not so sized as to be a "wipe". the hole thru it is not smaller than the bullet. Its purpose is to stop any gases from penetrating the compressed screenwire "donut" baffle, make them "go back" and find the central hole in the baffle.

and before you start in about your 1-2k $ "worth" of solid baffle monoblock "last forever" silencer, people aint got a cnc lathe and thus, can't make one. My design works fine for shtf uses, and anyone can get one made, for $100, quite discretely if they go at it with some intelligence. I aint gonna tell you how I did so, cause I might want to do so again, some day. :-) There's really no reason to bother with a silencer except shtf, and the $1000 so saved is far better spent on some night vision capability and no, I don't mean a scope on the rifle. I mean goggles that enable you to see where you're walking and detect enemies/game at night. You aint walking around with your rifle shouldered all night, looking at the ground thru your rifle scope.

then, if choose 1 3/4" OD tubing for the "sleeve tube", .050" wall thickness, the sleeve area is .200", all around the internal tube. Fill that sleeve space with single thickness wraps of screenwire, and you've got something going for you. Leaving .100" of space, between the tubes empty, does little or nothing. It's just not enough space and there's nothing there to remove any of the heat from the gases. So it's a massive complication of the can design which gains you nothing.

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We all know that using steel cased 223 is "iffy", for several reasons and brass cased 223 is more like $200 per 1000 rds difference from .22lr ammo. You need a minimum of 4k rds per year to maintain decent skill levels (from either shoulder) used in snapshooting. That means that the .22 unit use will pay for your NVD goggles in short order and such goggles are REALLY fun/interesting for many things. :-) They are at least as much of an advantage as the silencer and .22 unit put together, for shtf. IF you've got enough sense to avoid being out in daylight, that is.

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Or take an even simpler approach using freeze plugs instead of squished-into-shape window screen.

No more expensive to make, and last thousands of rounds rather than dozens.
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Why don't we build a section on this site called "suppressors", then Melvin might not be stupid enough to put it under sections called "black powder"!

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