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Indians couldn't project a war

they could not put-ahead enough food, etc, for a war band, and for families while they were gone on a raid, to be much of a fight. Looters might be able to do a bit more, but mostly will be a long term danger cause they are desperate and UNABLE to move on! they'll be stuck at your place, most likely, out of fuel, etc. So they will have no choice but to take you, if they can.

You wont have a musket vs arrows. you'll have a Fal vs a dozen men with AR's and AK's (most likely) and that will mean that you're in a bad way, even if you DO spot them first and manage to hit 1-2 of them.

if their supplies are coming from your neighbors, they might well be able to hang around for a month or more, sniping at you. The looters might well have BEEN your neighbors, for that matter, prior to shtf. That's what most people are going to discover to be the case. People can easily walk 10 miles a day, in any direction, carrying quite a load, 50 lbs or so. Nobody knows everyone who lives within 10 miles of them. Get an aerial photo of your place, and you'll discover MANY "neighbors', about whom you have no clue. :-)

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History has shown us that "looters" are not exactly the most motivated group of individuals that society has had to deal with. Yes they will find soft targets, but most will be cowards and avoid any prolonged combat to achieve a goal. As for the firearms that the bad guys will or will not be armed with cover a wide spectrum of what is currently available to the public.

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