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.44 Black Powder vs. 9MM Mak

The .44 BP has to be a real man killer, right? I mean that big old lead ball going down the barrel in front of 37 Grains of black powder. A 95 Grain Mak bullet can't compare. How wrong I was. The .44 fired from an eight inch barreled Remington Army develops 250 foot pounds of energy compared to 230 foot pounds from a Makarov. just 20 Foot Pounds difference? Well the hole will be bigger anyway.
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Sanow did an article about BP ballistics in Handguns mag, years ago. the .44 was about like subsonic 147 gr 9x19 and the .36 Confederate load was like today's 380's. pretty sad, in other words. the .44 was nothing much, either.
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I still would NOT want to step in front of either...
Look at it this way: YES-the most gun anyone is comfortable/competent/experienced with is going to be their default setting. The guy back in 1855 -1872 who was CONSTANTLY using (often under harsh/dangerous conditions) a (insert cap&ball revolver/hand cannon etc here) knew his weapon's capabilities and how much he/she could stretch them...the same applies with the 9x18mm...or,for that matter the .38Special.
Someone parks one or two in my COM,or in my face? I'm in just as bad a way whether it's something on top of an FFG/Pryodex load,some hot(or standard )loaded 9x18; or a HCLSWC-HP158 grainer pushed above 950-1000fps or at a more sedate 800-900 FPS...translation? It's gonna REALLY suck to be me.
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no, the frontier people did NOT "constantly use' their revolvers. In fact, they almost never shot them. They just didn't have the powder and lead, or the time and some realized it was hurting their hearing, surely. the idea of firing 1000's of rds of training is a very recent phenomenon. Other than BE shooters, and a very few like Keith and McGivern such a thing was nearly unheard of back in the 60's. very few people relaoded ammo and a LOT fewer of them cast bullets.

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