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16 yo, killed dozens of pigeons w/.44 c&b

Neighbor sold off all his cattle, had a silo full of silage, the top of the silage was within 15 ft of the metal dome. Some kid found out that the silo was full of pigeons at night, got me and brought a pump up pellet pistol. I stood down on the silage. That crazy 14 yo bastard crawled up the OUTSIDE of the silo, (with ice on the metal rings!) and slammed shut the window, trapping the birds. He'd plink them with the pellet gun, but they would not fall, but rather walk around the top of the concrete blocks, until other birds made them try to fly across the silo. The wounded birds would be unable to fly. They fell down to me and I clubbed them with the .44. By FAR the most efficient use of such a pistol! :-) When we'd killed so many birds that we got sick of it, I had to carry the .44 home in my hand, cause it was covered in blood and feathers.
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