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nikto 02-12-2016 12:47 PM

wtf do people get the idea that
there will be no .22 ammo, but there will be access to the ingredients to make black powder? Both Pyrodex and Dupont have blown up BP plants, killing many people. "Corning" BP, so that it burns properly for use in firearms, is dangerous as hell. It's not nearly as simple as making "bomb grade" black powder. For the cost, size and weight of a flintlock, you can cache 5000 rds of.22lr, which would feed and protect your entire family for decades (when nobody has anything better than a bow or flintlock). :-) So wtf give up the precision accuracy, 100m effective range, subsonic, rapidfire, silenced .22 auto, in favor of a dumbassed thing like a flintlock? Sheesh, and then deal with the corrosion, crud, missfires,and have to pull charge after having fired and reloaded, clean and lube the pos carefully, and then reload it again. This all carries a ot of risk of contaminating/spilling/getting wet your powder during such bs. Wtf burn 70 grs of black powder doing what can be done (better, quietly, repeately) with a .22lr? The entire concept is just effing stupid.

Furthermore, you can have a slingbow for big critters and a takedown pellet rifle for small stuff. Total cost would be $200. It would be quiet, reloadable much more swiftly than a muzzleloader, and you n can conceal both items easily in a backpack.. You'll have no smoke, no corrosion, and also be able to make and reuse arrows. 14 gr .177 pellets are 500 to the lb and 1/2 c per shot. Wtf would you choose a flintlock over such? So you see, with those items, traps, nets, trotlines, even a mere 2000 rds of .22 ammo could be made to last for 50 years. You won't be practicing with the flintlock, either, you know.

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