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just "skip over" all the fighting, go directly

to "times are such that I need a flintlock". :-) Know how many .22 rds you could set aside, for the same weight, bulk and expense as that flintlock, powerhorn, and tools to maintain that pos? About 5000 rds, which will cover you for 50 years.:-) and the .22 offers just as much range, plus a silencer, plus rapidfire, concealment, and it wont corrode the gun or draw moisture and misfire (if properly set up the ammo and its storage)

I'd much rather have a springbow and pellet rifle than a muzzleloader. Quiet, resuable, home makeable arrrows, or very small, lw, cheap pellets, no corrosion, no misfiring, no smoke to block your view and mark your location for enemies,and no more bulk, weight, or expense than the dumb-assed muzzleloader.

ou aint gonna be making blackpowder and many areas lack access to decent flint, and no you won't be able to retrieve all your lead, and no, everyone wont be out of ammo and yes, you will have to be able to fight effectively
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Anyone here experienced with the " big bore/hunting air rifles"? Every so often they catch my attention... Generally around. 45 caliber, achieve sufficient getup and go to drop medium/large game at sensible distance... Nothing like smokeless/black powder,but enough to be intriguing.
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check out the PRICE of those things? $3000 will buy a helluva lot of .22lr ammo. Like 30,000 rds. There's no reason at all to give up the rapidfire, silencer, concealability of a .22lr auto, guys, The very slight advantage on larger game won't matter, due to the fact that if things get THAT bad, the game will all be gone! The Depression almost wiped out all the game, even with 1/3rd of today's population, single shot arms, and no way to get around but a horse. Today's dip****s will kill and waste a lot of game, cause they won't have salt, or a clue how to jerk meat. Many critters.will be wounded and then run down by starving dog packs. With today's atv's, off road bikes, kayaks, sail and powered boats, suv's, night vision, trail cams, baiting, etc, the game will all be gone in a month or 2 of shtf. then all the dogs and cats will be shot and eaten. then the cannabilism will start in earnest.

Google for an almanac and see how much food the US IMPORTS, and how much your STATE imports. without gasoline or diesel fuel, tons of food 100 miles from you will sit there and rot, unknown about, mostly. Much more will be hidden/hoarded, too. Diseases and nutritional shortages are going to kill almost everyone who's not killed by starvation, bad water, fighting, fire, etc.
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And exactly where are you going to find 30,000 rds of .22? Last February in Cabelas in Phoenix they were limiting individual sales to 100 rds a day, Montana in July wasn't much better.

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