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Black Powder Experimental Archeology

I sort of feel like a fish out of water here because I have no high dollar modern fire arms and the only weapons I own that were made after 1945 are two cheap shotguns , but since we have a Black Powder section here the experimental archeologist in me wonders, has anyone else ever tried the legendary Buck and Ball load in their muzzel loader?
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I tried it, wasn't that impressed with it.

It would be an ok short range load at a dangerous beast I guess. It would probably work wonders if there were 50 of us lined up shooting's just a solution to a problem that we don't have today.

I am an experimental archaeologist as well. I go trekking with my 18th century gear and a smootbore 20 gauge is my "go to" gun. When I make camp at night I usually load it up with either buckshot or buck and ball. I can't tell you what makes the decision for me as to which....
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It is nice to know that there is someone else who enjoys my passion for challenging the myths of history, or at least what has been written about them.
The first time I tried a buck and ball load I used my short barreled pieces parts gun that was assembled around 1870. The recoil numbed my arm for half an hour. The effectiveness, as you point out, was negligible at 20 yards. My wife joked that we should have had side boards up to see how much shot went sideways once it left the barrel.
The second time I used a 1757 British Long Land Pattern flintlock musket with a 46 inch barrel. The recoil was just slightly more than the norm for the weapon but at 30 yards the shot spread covered the side of a barn.
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I have read about the loads, but have never tried them... sounds like it IS on my "to do" list next time my Wife and I are at the range!!

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