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carmicheal had a wart hog run with .458 sp to the chest,

from the front, at 75m. He had a deer run after both shoulders were broken two hits, at 1/4 angle to the chest, at 200m with a 375 H and H. Cooper saw a zebra run off with 2 .45 sp hits. Keith had a bear charge thru half a dozen 3006 hits. Your pathetic ignorance about "one shot drops" is laughable. You dont always get them and a 223 sp hit to the chest has flopped many a hog and deer. You can see it being done on yT, any time you want. The suppressor-handiness, one handed shooting ability, take-down concealment in a pack and .22 unit are huge advantages that no other caliber or rifle. can offer. see, you've thought about this maybe 100 hours in your life. I"ve thought about it for 50,000 hours. If you "think" you know more about it than me, you're a ****ing fool

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Who are you talking to? Your statement appears to be a response to something, but it's posted as a new thread.
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He is talking to those little green people running around in his head.
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Nobody thinks about what you know other than you. I’m starting to see the entertainment value in these threads.

I’ve shot animals with many calibers and many weapons. Including bows. While the .223 is a fine round for a lot of things, it is eclipsed in hunting by a whole host of choices.

If I were going to rifle hunt elk, I’d choose my .338. I can take longer shots 500yds being my personal cut off, and it anchors them quite well. I’d also use it for big bears, if I was inclined.

I prefer a bow for elk, just for the challenge.

For hogs and javelina, I prefer one of my 300 aac ARs suppressed.

For deer, I can use my 280.

If I’m in the mood, I can use one of my AR-10s suppressed.

So what is the point you’re trying, and failing, to make?
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if you can take elk with arrows, you can do so 3x as easily with the 223, so why bother with the 338? The point is you wont have all those different choices. you'll be STUCK with whatever you bring. So I prefer to bring the most versatile one longarm ever made, In fact, i dont bother to have wifey even own anything else. If Biden gets in,, you'll see the wisdom of that approach, real soon now. As I pointed out, Carmichal had a mere deer run, with both shoulders broken by 2 hits with 338, at 200 yds, Nothing is 100%. i seriously doubt that you've shot 18 elk. A friend of mine had shot 17 small Arkansas deer over the years, with 06 and 308, All fell to the shot. Then one ran off with a front quarter angle shot, at 65 yds, He shot at a knot on a tree to check if his scope was off. It was not. He looked and looked and found no hair, even. It was getting dark after an hour or more of searching. So he ran to town, got 4 buddies with lights, and they found a big splotch of frothy lung blood at 40m. Another 40m and it was dead, the mushroomed sp stuck under the hide in the paunch Animals and men dont need their hearts for 4-5 seconds, at the very least, and it can be double that. A deer can easily run 150 yds in 10 seconds. that's far enough to be lost in thick brush, especially if the shot is taken in the late afternoon. he could have and should have easily brained that deer with a 223 softpoint and saved all of the hassle. Anyone taking shots as animals that are on their feet, beyond 300m, is just an asshole. That animal can easily take a half a step in that flight time for the bullet and then you've gut hit it. As it runs off at that range, you wont hit it again, other thn by pure luck. YOu dont need the meat, so why are you taking such shots, hmm? If you DID need meat, you'd not care about seaons, limits, rules against baiting, etc. So you're just a slob.

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