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ever wonder how

frontiersmen did it all with just a ky rifle? or the indians with just bows? but now, we "need" a dozen longarms to do the same things? :-) The fact is that the Silenced, scoped, shorty AR. 22lr unit and luminous sights is easily 10x as capable/versatile as any Ky rifle ever was, even if you aint got a mag for it. With proper mags, it's 30-40x as capable. go ahead, get stuck, post shtf, with just a shotgun, or just a bolt action. :-) Stupidity should be a death sentence.

If it aint shtf, the pocket 9's enough to handle anything that needs doing. the only reaon to bother with a rifle at all is shtf (or incompetence with the pistol). if that can be considered a "reason", that is.

People are like little kids, unable to separate a want from a real need. Nobody needs to shoot deer at 1/4 mile, nor stop charging bears, nor hit birds on the wing. You can easily get around having such problems, so why bother owning specialized guns, for stuff that doesn't need to be done, and not have the ONE longarm that can do it all (that needs doing with a longarm) Put the money that you dont waste on such guns (and the shooting of same) into a silencer and NVD goggles and armor. Better yet, get to be really fast with your pocket 9 and even better, become black belt with a truly effective hand to hand skill set. Once you have the realistic needs covered, THEN worry about shtf.

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Good grief John, as has been said a bajillion times in the past. People don't need a half-dozen rifles; nor to they need a half-dozen pair of shoes or a half-dozen watches. But why does it get you so worked up that they may choose to do so?

I've never seen you go to the watch forums I'm a member of and spend this kind of energy lambasting those who own more than your one, perfect watch. Why is owning more than one rifle different than owning more than one of any other possession?
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Why does it bother you so much? Just pure jealousy.
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Melvin is jealous! The longer we talk on this forum, the more that he realizes what a failure he is.
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Nice article. thank for share with us

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