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Originally Posted by BigBassMan View Post
Wonder if that spider hole has protection against submarines?

of course it has the best protecion possible. 1000 miles of dry land.
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Why would you be shooting at it in the first place? What happened to being not seen at all?
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Never did get an answer to my question...

When I posted the video here of the AR's times with double-taps, you said this:
Originally Posted by nikto View Post
I never saw the point of the double tap with the 223...
Where as in the past when talking about .223 softpoints, you said:
The SP also fails to pierce a windshield, so load every other round in your magazine with the new steel-cored 62-gr. SS-109 ball ammo and fire a “double-tap” (like your supposed to do, anyway, to assure a hit)…”

Two questions really -

What has changed to take us from “fire a double tap like you’re supposed to do”, to “I never saw the point of the double tap”..?


What changed to take us from "load every other round" with ball, to today's "why bother with ball ammo?"...?
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Nice article. thank for share with us

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