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before I turned 21, I'd owned

a .25 Baby browning copy, a .44 cap and ball, .38 Roehm, 2 1911 gm's, a lwc Commander in 9mm, a P35, a High Standard Sport king, A citation Military high standard, browning Nomad, High standard Sentinel, HS .22 mag derringer, Iver Johnson 22 Cadet revolver, a pair of .22 llama autos, a 380 Llama auto, .22 RG snubbie pos, Savage .22 single shot M101, .45 L Colt Colt new service DA revolver, and probably a few others that I can't recall. For 10 years, I literally averaged a new gun every month, and only a dozen of them were longarms. But I"ve had no practical experience with guns. Just ask garand about that.
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Nice article. thank for share with us

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